Cyber Secure Business Mission

DATE: 18/10/16

OUR MISSION: To market and promote Cyber Secure Business

ROUTEpr have played their part in a top secret mission administered by the new partnership between A-One insurance Group, ITSB and the Cyber Unit at Bournemouth University – the recently unveiled TOP SECRET mission was classified as: ‘Cyber Secure Business’.

These Bournemouth businesses have come together to unite in the fight against cyber criminals!

With great power comes great responsibility – and the Cyber team have spent time, strength and determination creating the first complete, tailored solution to protect companies against cyber fraud at an affordable rate.

The topic of Cybercrime brings together all professionals across the area tackling a crime that is increasingly affecting small business owners.

ROUTEpr swung into action to help pull the project together alongside those faces behind the cameras and screens, aka Grizzly Productions.

Said Jackie Phillipson from ROUTEpr, “It took the teams weeks of planning to get the project spot on, with secret squirrel meetings, storyboards, brainstorming sessions and not forgetting casting of the Superheroes, villains and other major parts in the production too, and we are delighted to say the production has been a Superhero success and a sensation, what better way to de-geek cyber than the film and a premier event for businesses to understand what it’s all about!”

Richard Blunderfield from ROUTEpr goes onto say, “Who would have thought explaining cyber, IT and insurance could be fun? The video and the overall campaign has definitely created a talking point and a WOW factor – an educational yet comical interpretation of how ITSB and A-One Insurance can help you be cyber savvy and Cyber Aware. It wasn’t easy taking our customers out of their comfort zone, but these high profile decision makers all agreed to put on their Superhero capes and transformed themselves into their new roles for the 2 days of filming.

We think it’s great to do something different with our clients and also to push them out of their comfort zones to create something interesting and exciting outside of the ordinary office environment- at the same time as enlightening civilians about Cyber threats. It is also a great way to showcase partnerships in the area and encourage more Businesses in Dorset and Hampshire to unite! If you want to learn more visit

If you want help with Public Relations, Marketing and Events please contact ROUTEpr Or call 01202 896698

Cyber Secure Business Team

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