Happy New Year from ROUTEpr!

There is something exciting in the air right now isn’t there? I don’t just mean that we have celebrated the start of 2017, there is so much more!

There wasn’t a dull moment in the media during 2016, we had to deal with Brexit, and then that followed with months of media attention for the USA Presidential Election, we will see the arrival of President Trump later this month on the 20th January – both have caused something of a stir, in more ways than one!










Then we have had so many famous names from actors to singers and other entertainers who have left us, some of them were most unexpected.

We have seen world news, controversy, arguments, family fall outs and at times it has been fascinating to see so much miscommunication and as we saw situations unfold too.

Entrepreneurs deal with tough situations, controversy and decisions in their business on a regular basis.

For anyone running a business now is the time to look to the future, look at the market place and work with us to see what else can be done to raise your profile, engage and to ensure your story is told effectively and your brand is represented correctly, both internally and externally.

For ROUTEpr 2017 year has already started off positively, we are seeing great results from our rebrand, which included a new name, a new website and additional staff. We haven’t looked back nor have we stood still, so if you feel you need to breathe new life into your business give this thought and ask our advice!

We are now entering into our 16th year in business, we are both proud of the achievement, there were tough times for us all during the recession and whilst there are lots of PR, Marketing and Event businesses out there, something we remind ourselves of regularly, we are delighted to see past clients come back to us with new projects and opportunities. We are also seeing opportunities come our way via social media, our own PR and the best form of PR of all – via referrals!

As a business we evolve via new innovations, we continue to teach, learn and develop, we continue to learn about new ideas and are more proactive than ever as we look out for the next generation via schools, universities and colleges.

Partnerships are also as important to us as ever – we are constantly working with other marketers and from time to time with other PR firms and like-minded suppliers.

Now is the best time to review your PR, Marketing and Events strategy and budgets and give us a call to discuss how we may help you going forward in 2017, the ROUTEpr team will be delighted to hear from you.

Please feel free to get in touch with us at or call us on 01202 896698


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