Crowdfunding – The art of kissing frogs…

by Hatty Fawcett, Focused for Business

When raising investment, there is one piece of advice that I was given which has stuck with me: “You have to kiss a lot of frogs until you find your prince”. I now share this advice with my clients and anyone raising business investment from business angels or crowd funding.

As a rule of thumb, anyone raising money from crowdfunding is well advised to ensure they have pledges amounting to between 3060% of their target before they put their crowdfunding pitch live. These pledges are then drip fed into the live crowd funding campaign during the first few weeks to ensure the campaign gets noticed and is successful. The crowd follows the money but there has to be money to follow. For many entrepreneurs considering crowdfunding this “priming the pump” is a daunting prospect. Most entrepreneurs don’t know where to start or are shy of asking for money. Jackie and Richard at Route PR and I spotted this and now offer a suite of services to help would be crowdfunders. Whether it’s developing an attention grabbing media campaign, developing a presentation that can be used to attract potential sponsors and investors or running a blogger and social media outreach campaign to build your followers and social standing we know what it takes to activate potential investors.
What’s more, we believe in having fun whilst you’re doing it!

About Hatty Fawcett
Hatty Fawcett raised almost £250,000 through angel investment and crowdfunding for her own business ventures. She now supports businesses in access angel and crowdfunding investment through her company, Focused for Business ( ). She helps companies become “investor ready” and coaches them on what it takes to run a successful crowdfunding campaign. She also mentors earlystage growing businesses, sharing her own personal experience and contacts. Hatty works closely with Jackie Phillipson and Richard Blunderfield of Route PR when it comes to raising awareness of crowdfunding campaigns amongst potential investors. Hatty is a Regional Manager for Angels Den ( ) and a Talent Spotter for the Startup Funding Club ( ).

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