Looking back to the ROUTE as we spring forward!

Looking back to the ROUTE as we spring forward!

We are now entering our 16th year of successful business, it’s been great looking back, sharing the memories with the team, customers, our families and suppliers, and my oh my what an incredible journey it has been! We are still loving every moment, rising to the many opportunities presented to us by our amazing customers and suppliers and delighted to be working with long term customers as well as winning new ones and creating those all important opportunities too.

When we started out in a two bedroom flat with an address book, a rolodex of contacts and a couple of marine, property and lifestyle clients, working on marine products such as Magic Bus – an American product for boats, as well as the launch of High Energy Charters (which later became Sunseeker Charters and we did that launch too) and still working on PR projects for Sunseeker International and many of their worldwide dealerships, not to mention Dolphin Quays in Poole, and Poole Tourism Hextreme and Poole Audi, back then, in the early days, it was all about how much space we could achieve in print publications, arranging launch events, exhibitions, boat shows and general local PR.

We have had some amazing moments, met wonderful people, created many magical memories, can could never forget the launch of the first Botox clinic with Bodycare of Parkstone! Sylvia Webster, Robin’s face was a picture when we proposed the idea of an oversized syringe for the invite to the VIP guest list, not to mention them being told they would find the secret to the fountain of youth!  Everyone was talking about you and your business, so many people asked for invitations or to be added to the guest list and the media absolutely LOVED it. I shall never forget the call from the lovely Neal Butterworth, editor of the Echo, asking where, exactly we planned to Botox him or could it be one of his editors!  In the end it was me, I was the Botox patient and I didn’t feel a thing!

Later, other activities stand out, securing a six part TV series called Vets and Their Pets for a vetenary practice, sadly Liz Philo the founder has now passed away, the fun moments working with the camera crew on everything from doggy birthday parties to a doggy fashion show in Canford Cliffs not to mention the more serious side such as rabbit inoculations at Lulworth Castle and wow did it raise the profile of the vets, the practice, their business and more.

Then there was the Maze Maize– gaining international coverage, on the back of the Food and Mouth epidemic and a World Record too, and then the six part TV series, Coming up Roses, both were for Stewarts Garden Centres.

Then came Sue Stone the Positive Living Guru attracting huge interest across the UK and Europe too, and not forgetting the Queen Mother’s Castle of Mey Trust onto The Antiques Roadshow, and working with Ewan McGregor when he commenced his Long Way Down from the Castle of Mey as well!

We created international interest for many clients and the celebrity work kept on coming, with the reinventions, the endorsements and charity work and  still we are delighted to say we work with many of you.

Along the journey we have also embraced the arrival of websites and that was some learning curve explaining to businesses how a website was their shop window, and then the arrival of social media and the digital revolution, time for change once again which we embraced with Alice Pyne and her bucket list which went global in under a week, which was in association with Dreams Come True Charity, and not forgetting the Outward Bound Trust and Help Harry Help Others for Cancer Research UK – Harry was such an inspiring young man and getting Harry Styles, Sir Harry Webb aka Cliff Richard and Harry Redknapp and other celebrities involved in the Harry pose really worked a treat and that went global again thanks to a launch on ITV breakfast and in the national news!

Building a turret at the Goring London in association with a host of celebrities, Queen Elizabeth II and Greendale Construction was pretty spectacular too.

We have also faced another recession, which was tough for all business owners and it’s been all about Farage, Cameron, Trump, and let’s not forget Brexit –according to the tabloids that’s split the nation.

This year Jackie has reappeared as a PR and brand expert on several TV programmes, and several of our clients TV appearances have been repeated too which is always great for business!

2017 will also see the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, we know there are several programmes being created around her anniversary and that makes us think about the goodbyes to other special people we have met and worked with Baroness Margaret Thatcher – what an honour to meet and to work with her, the amazingly talented Robin Gibb – a genuinely lovely man, and not forgetting the legendary editors and such as Neal Butterworth, Kevin Nash (aka the Nasher) Richard Thiel and customers such as Liz Philo and Robin Webster –suppliers and business associates such as John Watts, and not forgetting the other legend the one and only Brian Phillipson, Jackie’s dear dad!

Now in our sweet sixteenth year the future is looking positive despite what you may think of Donald Trump, Teresa May or others, we are looking forward to another exciting year, the passion, drive and determination is still there, as we move into our next chapter, Laura and the team are full steam ahead, the events side of the business is coming back full force and is proving very exciting, with the three-day event planned in Poole known as Taste of the South 19th to 21st May, for producers and entrepreneurs, as well as the Maritime Ball for the Mayor of Poole Cllr Xena Dion and having just completed another SELL OUT gala awards dinner and the Bournemouth Tourism Awards campaign, we are full steam ahead working on the Tourism Awards for 2018.

We are also working on TV documentaries, product placement, and Jackie is often invited to talk about PR and branding, the Monarchy, running PR and events for several international brands, working with BIDs (Business improvement districts) and our ever increasing stable of go-getting entrepreneurs too.

We LOVE working with all of our customers, who come from a variety of different areas of businesses, now we are looking after technology, cyber, mindfulness, gadgets, digital, hotel, leisure, food, drink, travel and lifestyle and we are always open to new ideas and we LOVE a challenge. Why? Because we see the passion, drive and determination in the customers we work with too and we want to help them reach their goals!

We are still expanding the business as we grow and develop, we now have a new work experience student with us for a couple of months and we are working with more apprentices too.

The ROUTEpr, marketing and event team is here to help you, and if you want to receive more of our news and blogs please get in touch at


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